Screaming dog owner tries to defend pet as it’s viciously attacked in road

A screaming dog owner was captured trying to defend her pet as it was attacked in the street.

Distressing footage posted to social media shows a woman shrieking “get the police” as her dog is flung from side to side by a bigger dog.

Members of the public intervened and tried to pull the animals apart as one whimpered while being lifted off the ground in the middle of a road.

The video, taken from a balcony overlooking the street in London, was shared alongside the caption: “Horrible dog attack in Drayton Park.”

Police said they are working to identify those involved after being called to a junction in Islington at around 8.50pm.

a woman is seen pulling on her dog’s leash in a desperate attempt to free it, but the other pet’s jaws remain firmly locked around its eyes and nose area.

Passersby slowly come to a halt as they watch the horrifying scene unfolding in front of them.

The pet is abruptly released after around 15 seconds, while a woman affiliated with the other dog says: “He’s never done that, ever.”

A third dog is also seen nearby towards the start of the clip, before being taken to the side by its apparent owner.

Social media users reacted to the clip, with one posting: “I love dogs but it can’t be coincidental that it’s always pit bulls and dogs similar to that breed that are involved in these situations.”

Another wrote: “Guess the dog breed”, while a third questioned: “Why do people have these breed of dogs?”

The circumstances that led up to the attack have not yet been made clear.

There have been no arrests so far and enquiries continue, said the Metropolitan Police.

A force spokesman told the Mirror: “Police were called at 20:52hrs on Thursday, 23 June to reports of a dog attacking another dog in Drayton Park, junction with Martineau Road, N5.

“Officers are aware of footage circulating online and are working to identify the parties concerned.

“There have been no arrests. Enquiries continue.”

Owning or breeding Pit Bulls was banned in the UK by the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991.

The government decided to ban the breed following 15 fatal dog attacks in England and Wales between 1981 and 1991.

However, the law is a little patchy with criteria based heavily around appearance and size when it comes to Pit Bull types.

If a dog shares certain characteristics with the banned fighting breed it is at risk of being put down.

Although, there is an exemption in which a dog can be given a reprieve if it passes a court behavioural assessment.

Becky Thwaites, head of public affairs at animal welfare charity Blue Cross urged the Government to update the legislation.

She said: “Many dogs that are seized as illegal breeds are in fact well-behaved dogs with responsible owners, who just have the misfortune to have the wrong measurements.

“Nearly as many dogs – not banned breeds – were seized under section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act as under section 1 last year for being dangerously out of control, highlighting how important it is for Government to change the legislative focus from what a dog looks like to dealing with irresponsible owners of any breed of dog to keep our communities safe.”